The  2020 RLC Conference Team has chosen two philanthropies and organizations to help support, both of which can be done from home! We hope that you will help us give back to our individual communities and the the world by participating in our chosen philanthropy projects.

Dog Toy Donations for Animal Shelters

During the conference, we will have have a session to show everyone how to make homemade dog toys out of old t-shirts. These toys can be donated to local animal shelters. As a conference team, we will be making and donating toys to the Lucas County Animal Shelter. We encourage you to find a shelter in your community to make and donate toys to. Have an impact in your community with this fun and easy activity!


Freerice is a website that allows individuals to donate grains of rice by answering questions on various topics. For every question answered correctly, the cash equivalent of 5 grains of rice is donated to the World Food Programme (WFP) to help alleviate world hunger. We will be creating a group on Freerice that you can join during the conference by creating an account with the website. By participating, not only will you be able to help communities all over the world, but you will also be able to earn spirit points for your institution! For every 200 grains of rice earned, your institution will get 1 spirit point. You must join our group to earn spirit points, and your institution must be included in your name.