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Penina Schlesinger

Central Atlantic Director

Hosted by Case Western Reserve University


Majoring in Chemistry and Music

Madison McCartha
Associate Director for Administration & Finance

Xuxa Rossi

Associate Director for NRHH


Hosted by Case Western Reserve University


Majoring in English and Business Managment with a minor in Marketing

Hosted by Kent State University


Majoring in Sociology

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Austin Dingess 
Coordinating Officer for RHA

Rebecca Nugent 

Coordinating Officer for

Bidding, Recognition,
and Service

Coordinating Officer for Marketing, Engagement, and Technology

Hosted by Marshall University


Majoring in Appalachian Studies

Hosted By Kent State University

Majoring in Communication Studies


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Zoe Peller
Coordinating Officer for Leadership Development

Zulqarnayan Hossain
Regional Leadership Conference Chair


Agatha Hickerson and Bryna Walker

Regional Business Conference Chair

Majoring in Psychology

Hosted by Kutztown University



Hosted by University of Cincinnati

Majoring in Information Systems & Marketing


Hosted by Bowling Green State University 

Bryna Walker: majoring in Forensic Examination on the Pre-Med track with a minor in Chemistry

Agatha Hickerson: majoring in Politics, Philosophy, Economics, and Law (PPEL) with minors in women’s studies and nonprofit administration


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Patrick Rosengrant

Regional Advisor

Hosted by Stevens Institute of Technology


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Hosted by the George Washington University

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Regional ART Coordinator
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