Kelsie Dillard

Central Atlantic Director

Nathanial Waksman

Associate Director for Administration & Finance

Sunny Rawlinson

Associate Director for NRHH

Hosted by Penn State University



Coordinating Officer for RHA


Coordinating Officer for
Bidding, Recognition,
and Service

Katelyn Rable

Coordinating Officer for Marketing, Engagement, and Technology

Hosted by University of Toledo

Nicholas Furth
Coordinating Officer for Leadership Development

Shannan Lunar
Regional Leadership Conference Chair

Clara Erich

Regional Business Conference Chair

Hosted by New Jersey Institute of Technology


Hosted by Miami University

Hosted by The Ohio State University

Tiffany Schmidt

Regional Advisor


Regional ART Coordinator

Emily Murasso

Regional NRHH Advisor

Hosted by The University of Akron

Hosted by West Virginia University