Hey CAACURH! Show your spirit an earn points for your delegation by participating and completing Spirit Challenges before and during the conference.
  • Register your delegation on time - 5 points
  • Submit a Roll Call video - 20 points
  • Submit a Digital Banner - 10 points
  • Submit a bid for an award - 30 points
  • Answer UToledo Trivia questions on our social media (@caacurhrlc2020) - 5 points per correct answer
    • Questions will be up during the weeks leading up to the conference!​
  • Share your favorite CAACURH cheer - 5 points
    • Post a video of yourself or with your delegation!​

Pre-Conference Challanges

During the Conference

  • Share a picture of how you are accessing the conference - 15 points​​
  • Host one of the Top 10 Programs - 20 points
  • Take a picture of your delegation together (socially distanced of course!) - 5 points
  • Find a Conference Team or RBD member during the conference - 10 points
    • Take a picture and tag our social media!​
  • Freerice Philanthropy - 5 points for every 100 grains of rice
    • Log into the conference's group on freerice.com and answer questions to benefit a great cause!​ See Philanthropy page for more information!
  • Make one of our Camp Snacks Recipes and share a picture on social media- 15 points
  • How many words can you make from the phrase "Let's Go Camping!" - 5 points per word
    • Share your words with us on social media!​
  • Hidden Rockets - 1 point each
    • Hidden in the backgrounds on our website's pages are rockets like the one below. For each one you find you will earn 1 spirit point! Can you find all 10? ​
      • Note: This does not include the rockets on our logo, and are only visible on the desktop version of our site.​ 

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