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Be the Next Leaders of CAACURH

" Living on purpose requires us to find what we love fiercely, give it all we've got and then pass it on, as if it were a torch, to those who follow." -Dawna Markova


Elections for the next Regional Board of Directors will be held at our upcoming Regional Business Conference (RBC 2020). In order to run, all applicants must have submit an official Letter of Intent and should have recieved an email instructing the next steps of the process. 


Guide the Region as Our Next Advisor

The Regional Advisor is a crucial member of the Regional Board, and helps guide discussions and decision-making that impact institutions throughout our region. They support not only students, but on-campus advisors in understanding and engaging with NACURH and the Central Atlantic Affiliate by providing context and educational opportunities. This position is perfect for entry-level or mid-level Student Affairs/Higher Education professionals to take their advising to the next level and receive training on supporting the RBD and conferences.

Don't believe it? Hear what our current Regional Advisor, Paisley Martin, had to say about her experience:

"Being the Regional Advisor for CAACURH, and getting to work with students from across our region, has been a unique and fun experience. I have really enjoyed seeing students from different schools and backgrounds come together to successfully run this region on the Board of Directors. An added bonus has been the relationships I have created with advisors across the country!"

Letters of Intent are due by 12/29 at 11:59PM, and specific timeline information can be found through this form:

Help Choose the Next Regional Advisor

To select our next Regional Advisor, we need the help of at least three (3) student voting representatives (NCC, NRHH Representative, or RHA President) and one (1) on-campus advisor to serve on our Regional Advisor Selection Committee.


Applications for this will also be due by 12/29 at 11:59PM.


The "Be Somebody" Campaign

Celebrate the "Somebody" that you are with NACURH, and complete the phrase:

"I am somebody who ___."

Share with us on social media, use #NACURH and #BeSomebody, and find out more at


Submit Bids for Awards

Every year, we take time to recognize the outstanding work done by students, professionals, residence hall associations, NRHH chapters, and entire institutions throughout our region.  This is your opportunity to show the rest of the region how you have gone above and beyond.

Letters of Intent to bid for awards selected at RBC 2020 will due by 12/29 at 11:59PM through the following form:

Every year, we award the


Student Awards

  -First Year Experience Award

  -Student of the Year

  -NCC of the Year

  -RHA President of the Year

  -NRHH President of the Year

  -Outstanding NRHH Member 

  -Distinguished Service Award

Professional Awards

  -Advisor of the Year

  -Hallenback Service Award

Institutional Awards

  -School of the Year

  -RHA Building Block

  -NRHH Building Block

  -NRHH Chapter of the Year

  -Commitment to Diversity

  -Outstanding Advocacy Initiative

Want to Host a Conference?

One of the greatest opportunities through NACURH is the ability to host a conference.  Through training, resources, and years of experience in hosting conferences, we are able to  support students and advisors in hosting a conference at their school.

For more information and resources for bidding, reach out to Emily Morgan at

Letters of Intent are included in the RBC 2020 Awards Letter of Intent Form. Intent to bid for hosting RBC 2021 will due by 12/29 at 11:59PM.

"Attending RBC 2017 (Robert Morris University) was my first step into the world of CAACURH. As a Hall Council member, I had no clue how amazing the world of residential advocacy was. By the end of the conference, I was hooked, and since then I have been able to see how each conference continues to bring people closer together."

- Timmy Miller, Regional Director


Join the Com-"pin"-tition!

We're excited to announce the first ever CAACURH Com"pin"tition, where YOU have the opportunity to create the next pins that Cougars throughout the region collect. These can be crazy, fun, sleek, or stylish for any of the following categories:

Cougar Spirit | Identity Pride | RHA/NRHH | "Somebody to NACURH"

Feel free to make pins that fit multiple categories, and don't be afraid to think outside the box.


Multiple winners can be selected for each category, and you will get free pins for you and your institution if your design is selected. Find out specific details about submitting your "pin"spirational artwork through our submission form below: