Zoom Guide

All of our education sessions for the conference will be held using Zoom. Whether you are new to Zoom or have used it before, below you can review some general guidelines when using Zoom.
  • Turn on your video
    • If you are comfortable doing so, we encourage you to have your video turned on while participating in education sessions, especially if you are hosting or when speaking. 
  • If you are not speaking, make sure you are muted
    • Background noises can be distracting, and can make it difficult to hear the presenter. If you want to speak, type an "X" in the chat and wait to be called on, or for your turn in a discussion before speaking.
  • Check your settings ahead of time
    • Before presenting, double check to make sure your audio and video are working properly to avoid last minute technical difficulties.
  • Introduce yourself
    • Even though we will be meeting digitally, we can still connect with one another! Include your name, position and institution in your Zoom name when hosting and attending sessions. You can copy and paste this format into Zoom: ( Your Name | Position | Institution)
  • Make use of Zoom's tools
    • ​Share presentation materials, show off your CAACURH and institutional pride with creative backgrounds, and more. Take time before the conference to see and practice with Zoom's many features.