Educational Sessions

What is an Educational Session?

An educational session, formerly know as a program, is an event hosted by group of people, in this case a member or group of delegates, with the goal of sharing information and educating on various topic. An educational session can consist of materials that recognize, advocate, educate, and/or focus on leadership advancement. 
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Educational Session Tracks

The theme for the 2021 RLC is "Central Atlantic Treasure," and this is reflected in our educational session themes! We hope these sessions will help delegates uncover new clues to help them find their inner leader. Below are our suggested educational session tracks. Submissions outside of these may be accepted, but sticking to the suggested tracks will make it easier for delegates to decide what sessions to attend. 
  • Mapping Out the Treasure Hunt
    • For programs relating to RHA, NRHH, or general residence life informational sessions. Examples include navigating the treasure hunt for better retention, reviving your org, chartering a chapter and more! Come give a session on how to find your way in your org!
  • Assemble Your Team
    • Every good treasure hunting team is diverse, equitable, and inclusive! Come present on your best practices relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).
  • Finding Buried Treasure
    • Every treasure hunter can use a skill tune-up now and then! Come present on leadership development and help your fellow CAACURH treasure hinters sharpen their skills.
  • Take Inventory of Your Treasure
    • ​Once you find your treasure, you need to take inventory to make sure nothing is lost along the way. Self-care is the best way to take personal inventory. Come present on self-care programs, tips & tricks, and more!​​​
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