Educational Sessions

What is an Educational Session?

An educational session, formerly know as a program, is an event hosted by group of people, in this case a member or group of delegates, with the goal of sharing information and educating on various topic. An educational session can consist of materials that recognize, advocate, educate, and/or focus on leadership advancement. 

Educational Session Tracks

The theme for the 2020 RLC is "Get Lost in Leadership," and this is reflected in our educational session themes! We hope these sessions will help delegates find new paths and gain useful tools for their leadership journey. Below are our suggested educational session tracks. Submissions outside of these may be accepted, but sticking to the suggested tracks will make it easier for delegates to decide what sessions to attend. 
  • Building the Campsite: Collaborative Programming
    • Submissions will be considered that focus on collaborative programming. Let someone hold the compass, another person holds the map, one person collects firewood, and another starts scouting the area. Each person has a role to make sure that the campsite is built efficiently. Submit programs here that you collaborated with other organizations to put on!
  • Climbing the Mountain Together: Team Building
    • Submissions will be considered that show team building. Working together to ensure everyone makes it to the top, and being willing to help anyone who’s struggling. Submit programs here that are all about team building!
  • Everyone Around the Campfire: Diversity and Inclusion
    • Submissions will be considered that demonstrate diversity and inclusion. ​It can be difficult to include new, unknown members on your campsite, but in the end everyone will benefit from the different experiences that everyone brings. Submit programs here that promote diversity and inclusion at your institution.
  • Extinguish All Your Campfires: RHA and NRHH Success
    • ​Submissions will be considered that exhibit RHA and NRHH success. Don’t let the fire grow outside of the pit, ensure to extinguish any dangerous flames before taking the next step. Submit programs here that show how to run successful RHA and NRHH organizations and how to build healthy relationships between the two organizations.
  • Leave the Campsite Cleaner than you Found it: Service and Advocacy
    • Submissions will be considered that show service and advocacy. ​Pick up any trash and leave any necessary supplies and tools at your campsite for people to use after you. Submit service projects and advocacy initiatives that have been successful at your institution.

How to Submit a Session

Submitting an educational session is easy and should take no longer than 45 minutes! Here are some steps you should take before submitting your educational session, and how you can submit your session when submissions open.
  1. Write out your education session from start to finish. This is a question on the educational session submission form, so preparing this ahead of time will help save time with your submission.
    • Include all details for your sessions​
    • This will also help you when you are presenting your session
  2. Make sure all of your group members know what the session is about and what they will be presenting.
    • We recommend having all group members present when​ submitting the form
  3. When you have everything ready, return to this page to find the link to the submission form.
  4. Complete and submit the educational session submission form completely. The link to the form is at the bottom of this page!
  5. If you're session was selected, you will be notified via email.

Important Dates

If you are interesting in hosting a session, please keep in mind the following dates:
  • Program Submissions open September 14th.
  • Program Submissions will close on November 6th at 11:59pm.
  • Delegates will be notified if their session was selected no later then November 11th.

Creating an Educational Session

Creating an educational session can be difficult and stressful, especially if you do not know where to start! Here are some tips to get you started when thinking about when creating your educational session:
  • Delegates will be paying close attention to your educational session and how you present it. Delegates appreciate the effort you are putting in and want to learn from your session. Keep your session engaging so those who attend can bring something back to their own universities.
  • Create an outline. An outline will help you keep track of your goals for the session and will help you plan out your session step by step. You can always change your outline, but it is a great starting point!
  • Consider using visual aids, they are a great way to communicate your ideas.
  • If covering a sensitive topic/issue, be sure to state this in your submission in the description section and Guidebook description.

Educational Session Application Link