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Your Police Department

Many police departments do not participate in bias and deescalation training and are not currently expected to wear body cameras. Write to your chief of police and to your city representative to advocate for this change.

If you need contact information or would like me to check in about these services and if they're being utilized, I would be happy to call and ask for you. 

Your Representatives

Write to your house of representatives reps as well as your senator to advocate for racial impact statements.

"Racial impact statements are a tool for lawmakers to evaluate potential disparities of proposed legislation prior to adoption and implementation. Analogous to fiscal impact statements, they assist legislators in detecting unforeseen policy ramifications. Policymakers may then be able to modify legislation that would worsen existing racial disparities. Practically speaking, it is important to address a policy’s unwarranted effects before it is adopted, as it is more difficult to reverse sentencing policies once they have been implemented."

Right now, only 5 states have mechanisms in place to make these necessary and West Virginia is not one of them. Use the links below to find your representatives as well as their contact information.

House of Representatives

US House of Representatives | US Senate

Template Regarding Police Brutality and Violence