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Color Of Change

Become a member of Color Of Change, a Black-led racial justice organization fighting campaigns for political, corporate and media accountability and change in our country.

They'll send you actions you can take to support Black people and allies, invite you to events in your city, and it's free to join.

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Showing Up For Racial Justice

Check out the SURJ website and read their values - if you aren't inspired to get involved already, you will be after hearing what they have to say. SURJ has tons of ways to advocate and get involved with local initiatives. 

"People of color take risks every day by living and moving through the world. We commit to challenging ourselves to be outside our comfort zones when doing this work.

While we take on real risk, we know that the risk is always greater for people of color.

When we make mistakes, we want to take the time to reflect on them thoughtfully and keep moving in the work. We cannot let making mistakes prevent us from continuing our work. There's just too much at stake." -SURJ

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